Reviewing your insurance

Life changes so rapidly that people are often unaware of how it can affect their insurance. That's why it's so important to regularly review your insurance with your adviser, to make sure it accurately reflects your circumstances, needs and budget.

Your policy anniversary is an ideal time to look at your existing insurance cover to ensure it still meets your needs. However you can review your insurance at any time particularly if your circumstances have changed.

Have your circumstances changed recently?

If there have been changes in your circumstances over the past 12 months, those changes could warrant a change to your insurance cover.

Maybe you have:

  • Had a baby or adopted
  • Purchased a new home or investment property
  • Had a relationship change
  • Changed jobs
  • Retired
  • Increased or decreased your mortgage
  • Started a new business

Life Events Benefit

It's worth checking to see if your policy _includes a 'Life Events Benefit'.

If so, this could allow you to increase your insurance cover without the hassle of having to provide any further medical information if one or a number of life events listed in your policy has occured (including some of those listed above).

If you 're unsure if you have this benefit on your policy talk to your adviser or contact us for more information.

Is the cost of your premiums on your mind?

We have many options available to you to help you manage your premiums without giving up your valuable cover. We recommend you check out our guide which is designed to help you better understand your insurance needs and to provide some useful information about premiums and managing affordability.

If the affordability of your premiums is a concern, you should also talk to your adviser about the options available to you or you can contact us.

Are you thinking about changing or replacing your current policy?

Often, minor adjustments to your existing policy are all that is required to bring it into line with your personal situation, while on some occasions it can make sense to completely replace your policy.

Make an informed decision

If you are thinking about replacing your policy, either taking our a new policy with us or with another insurer, you need to be sure that it 's the right decision for you both now and in the future.

Thinking of switching insurance providers?

If you are thinking of taking up insurance with another provider or plan to do so in the future, there are a few things you should consider before taking action:

  • Make sure you are receiving the same cover; you may not be covered for changes to your health since taking up your existing policy.
  • Make sure you are in safe hands - check the financial stability between insurers as this could lead to differences in the premiums you pay and even impact you at claim time.
  • Compare insurers on things like the customer experience or service you have received, or if you have been through a claim, the process and how easy or difficult they were to deal with.

Find out more information about changing your insurance policy here.

We encourage you to also read the information brochure "Get the most out of life" from the Financial Services Council (FSC) which outlines the key things you should take into consideration before replacing your policy.

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