Business Insurance

When you own a business, part of survival is asking the hard 'what if' questions. What if you or your business partner were to die? What if your top sales or technical person has a major car accident? What if serious illness prevented you from being able to work again?

These are only some things to consider when protecting your business. With the right insurance in place, you will have a contingency plan in place for your business - keeping it healthy should you or one of your key people become sick, disabled or die.

We have three business products designed to meet the needs of any small- to medium-sized business in New Zealand - Business Assurance, Business Extra and Agribusiness Extra.

OnePath - Business Insurance
Business Assurance

Business Assurance is our master policy.

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OnePath - Business Insurance
Business Extra

Business Extra is our unique and flagship business product.

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OnePath - Business Insurance
Agribusiness Extra

Insurance cover specifically designed to protect the unique needs of those who work in the agricultural sector.

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