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OnePath is one of New Zealand's leading providers of insurance. Our policies are designed to ensure you, your family and your business enjoy comprehensive cover - giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

OnePath insurance solutions include:

  • Personal insurance such as Life, Trauma Cover and Income Covers.
  • Business insurance covering shareholder protection, loan repayment protection and key person protection.

A proud history

We've been paying claims for over 17 years and throughout that time we have remained committed to our philosophy of doing what's right by our customers every time. That means we look for ways to pay claims - not how to get out of paying claims.


  • OnePath Life has operated in New Zealand since 2001 when Club Life opened its doors for business.
  • In 2003 ING New Zealand, a joint venture with ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited, completed its acquisition transition from fund manager to financial services provider, acquiring Club Life - subsequently renaming the company ING Life.
  • We rebranded to become OnePath Life in 2010.
  • In 2018, ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited sold OnePath Life to Cigna NZ.
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