Client Membership Benefits

The Client Membership Benefits service is a complimentary service offered by OnePath to all customers with a OnePath Life insurance policy who reside in New Zealand.

Client Membership Benefits are designed to help protect what you wish to insure. You buy insurance so that you know, for example, that you can expect an income if you become disabled. Of course it would be better if you could avoid becoming disabled at all.

Don't take chances with your life. There are areas where we can help you to prevent problems and maintain the lifestyle you wish to protect.

As life becomes more complicated we often need the support and advice of professionals to find our feet in difficult times. OnePath can offer you free access to independent services that you may require from time to time. Services include:

  • budgeting advice
  • career counselling
  • health management
  • general counselling and more.

How do you use this service?

For more information about the services available and how to use them talk to your adviser, call our Client Services team on 0508 464 999 or email us at

Are these services confidential?

Yes. The services are confidential as you either go through your adviser or our Client Services team who will keep your information completely confidential.

How many times can you use the service?

Once your request has been approved, you will be eligible to receive the following sessions for each individual life event, courtesy of OnePath.* Maximum of:

  • 4 Illness service type sessions
  • 3 Support services type sessions

You may of course, decide that you wish to continue with the service past these limits, however any further costs incurred will be at your expense.

With expert advice and support, it's possible to reduce the risk not only of financial problems, but also depression, heart disease and many causes of disability.

* These limits may be altered from time to time by OnePath, at its sole discretion.

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